Share My Dream to Honor The Unsung Hero's in Your Life

Who were the Angels in Your Midst, When your World came crashing down?

We all have and or have had Angel’s throughout the course of our lives, who have come to our rescue, just in the nick of time. Did these Angel’s have a hidden agenda, such as self glorification, as my narcissistic lawyer recently asked; or could it just be they believed it is more blessed to give than to receive? Many people relish in the opportunity to help in any and every way. They give freely, expecting nothing in return; except, possibly the hope that their kindness will be passed on to others down the road. By sharing your Angel stories with me, I hope to find the common thread across America, that brings out the best in us; especially when our world has crashed and we have no place left to turn. Random acts of generosity and kindness that heralds “help is on the way” to our country that needs hope and all the Good News it can get.

Over the course of the next few months, with your help, I would be honored to write about those friends aka Angel’s that have moved in and out of your life. Angel’s who have run to your chaos; rather than away from it. Here is your chance America, to share a story of gratitude to that Angel in your circle; who by their unselfish efforts, support and encouragement, have made a profound, if not, life altering difference in your life.

Many times, words cannot express the gratitude that has been unselfishly bestowed on us, by others. So here America is an opportunity for you to share with me that which makes the Angel’s in your midst, great. I am proud to be an American and to live in a land where Angel’s abound.

Mostly, though, our Angel’s are known only to us and those in our inner circle. May be it’s time to change that. Americans need to hear good news, awesome news, life changing news, much more than they do now. For everywhere we turn, the mainstream media dwells on the bad, the salacious and the stuff that breaks us down, rather than lifts us up. We also need heartfelt personalized inspiration to propel us individually: to do more, to give more and to help others circumvent the chaos that is so prevalent today. I’ve had my share of adversity, as of late.

Fortunately, I too, have had an Angel in my midst. This individual, whom we’ll call WG, has rallied to my personal chaos. He has rendered aid in many ways, all the while, expecting nothing in return. His assistance has been sorely welcome, his relief overwhelming; as well as, inspiring. Knowing you are not alone in your struggle is equally, priceless. Look around America, many of us, through no fault of our own, are on the verge or in chaos. However, crisis brings forth opportunity, to those we unashamedly describe as Angel’s in our midst. These selfless individuals who rally to our cries for help when we’re overwhelmed with great adversity. Share this Angel request with everyone please. Link this blog to your Facebook and Twitter accounts and everywhere your friends abound. Angels are everywhere. Whether we have little or much, we all have or will have an opportunity, throughout the course of our lives, to give and or receive in spectacular fashion.

Please email me,, and share with me, your Angel; describing in one page, who they are as individuals, first names only please, and what impact they have had in your life. Most importantly, tell me what you believe makes up the core of their generosity and unselfishness. I believe I know the answer, as well as, the common thread, but I’d truly like to hear it from you.

Many Thanks